Are more costly motorbike helmets safer?

The 80s commercial of most of the manufacturers Bell seems to bear the slogan: “When you have a ten dollar head, just put on a ten dollars helmet”. This philosophy these days has become a widely-accepted and deeply-ingrained idea among motorbike riders. It also means it is worth spending as much as money on the helmet. But the question is whether your expensive helmet will protect your head better than the cheaper helmet or not.

There’re numerous safety standards for motorbike helmets. While the US uses DOT and Snell, the UK has BS 6658-1985 specification – the standard of Europe is ECE22.05 that equals the DOT of the US.

Helmet types

I don’ think this can be completely proven yet it seems to motorbikes that a flip front helmet can provide a low level of protection than a full face one. For more detail of the appearance, you can check out Nolan n104 type of helmet.

Helmet models in the database are divided into 2 categories: “system” and full face. The former refers to what is called flip front helmets. This type of helmets has a jaw section that you could increase in order to be used as an open-face helmet or to pay money for your petrol without making the cashier scary.

There’s a greater percentage of top rated full face helmets. It is estimated that the most common rating for flip front helmets is three stars, compared with 4 stars for a full face. However, full face helmets are dominating in the dataset. Most of the brands would only manufacture several flip models.

SHARP ratings

In England, a safety scheme has been set up to scientifically determine whether a helmet will be considered sufficient protective or not. The whole process of assessment takes place in the simulated crash like tests that are designed by using real-world data.

They condensed the figures from nearly 32 tests into an extremely simple five-star rating. The five-star helmet is said to offer a really good level of protection. Their data contains a sum of 328 helmets.

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