Examining and servicing off-track motorbike tyres

When you are out taking a ride off road, your weight and your motorcycle weight will put high pressure on your motorbike’s tires. So it is really important to ensure your motorbike’s tires are in the best condition. Use our instruction to examining and servicing motorcycle tires.

Whether you are taking a ride on streets or on dirt, one important part of your motorcycle gear is your tires. Under the pressure of your weight and your tire’s weight, your tire’s condition can mall the big difference between riding off-road and taking an interesting ride.

One thing you should bear in mind is to inspect your tires before taking any ride. It takes only a few minutes to do that job. It also helps you find some important problems that can place you in danger on your ride. As examining your tires, there’re 4 essential things you should take into account.  Let’s take a look at those things:

1) Checking the air pressure

At any time you are taking a ride off-road, you should maintain the pressure of air in both tires. The following are what could occur in case you are not riding with right tire pressures:

  • Tire or tube failure
  • Overinflation decreases the contact field of your tires, as the tires couldn’t stick to the ground that can reduce traction.
  • Premature or irregular wear of tires
  • Under-inflation can lead your tires to slide out of the roads, resulting in more air leak, eventually leading to pinching flats.

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