Motorcycle Gear Cleaning And Care Guide

Motorbike gear could be a big investment. It is important to ensure your motorbike gear is under lots of right care. The following are a helpful instruction to maintaining and cleaning kinds of gear constructed from textile, leather or hybrids.

Leather care and maintenance

Motorbike gear is traditionally made of abrasion-resistant, tough and good-looking leather. It is mainly from cowhide, but you can find other hides such as kangaroo or goatskin in the market nowadays. The leather is pretty strong, abrasion-resistant and durable as well. But it will need to be taken care of properly in order for it to stay great-looking and remain its good job that is to save your skin from some impacts.

  • Like your skin, sweat and sun have a negative effect on leather. If you are taking a ride frequently, and particularly you regularly sweat in your motorbike gear, your gear should be washed frequently, maybe once or twice a month.
  • Silicone is not a problem to your zippers; yet don’t use any kind of silicone based shine product since the silicone may harm your leather.
  • In case your zippers do not work smoothly and often getting stuck, you could lubricate them using silicone based lubricants like motor silicone spray.
  • On a daily basis, before and after washing, utilize baby wipes in order to get rid grime and other bug guts of your jacket. Those are good cleaning tools that will not damage your leather.
  • The similar rules go for race suits and leather pants, but gloves are a bit harder. Your gloves will need to be made wet totally and rubbed more carefully since they’re more salts and oils to remove and it is a bit tougher to clean them from inside. After washing, pat them until they are dry and then let them air dry overnight, and finally shape them cautiously in order for them not to have any creases or wrists after being dry. They may feel very brittle and dry afterward, even after a process of conditioning, yet wearing them could make them feel normal quickly.

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